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polycounter lvl 6
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lqdgrphcs polycounter lvl 6
I am new to working in Unreal and trying to wrap my mind around certin concepts.

I have 24 hours in which to figure this one out so any help is much appreciated. Can I change the default bot that you fight in Unreal/UDK? I have my level built and have managed to get most of the things working that I wanted to work (thanks to all that have answered my questions). Now I wanted to change the bot to a person possibly but all the tutorials I am coming across are about creating a custom character to be played in Unreal Tournament but nothing on being able to alter the bot.

Again, any help, tutorials, direction are very much appreciated.



  • illo
    Ill try and send ou on the right direction, but I wont tell you exactly how to do it.

    you need to take a look at the bot inside UDK. take a look and see if you can find the variables inside UDK that have to do with meshes.
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