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Workshop 5 - Leica M3 - King Mango

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King Mango polycounter lvl 10
OK so I'm really interested in modeling things that other people pick. I always build the same old ancient ruins for game levels that never get released lol... So I want to build up a portfolio and I plan on participating a lot more around here. Now that I've bored you to tears, here is about an hour and a half of poly modeling, and about three hours of trying to learn how to render brushed aluminum :D
I want to replicate a specific image for the final product so I plan on completely texturing the camera to a very fine collectable image I saw doing research.
I'm sorry but I just can't hang with the SubD yet. I had a couple hours go at getting into SubD and I'm just not ready to take on a public challenge using them yet. If I ever decide to learn them at all. I don't know what all the fuss is aboot :p


  • King Mango
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    King Mango polycounter lvl 10
    I've never really done a high poly model like this before with such fine details. Learning a LOT. Will probably rebuild the whole thing when I'm done with this version. How you like dat red velvet!? Still tweaking shader settings too.
    Day 2 render. I probably have about ten hours into this guy? Man I'm sloooow.
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