Sins of a Solar Empire (intro and art dump)

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Hello all! I'm a long time lurker here at PC so after all this time It's great to be able to show what I've been upto! Stardock officially released the intro for sins of a solar empire so now I can share it with you all. We outsourced the intro to freespacefilms. Who has done an amazing job of putting together the shots.

I was responsible for modeling and texturing the largest ships(6 titans) in the video as well as coordinating the assets for freespace.

[ame=" of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Trailer - YouTube[/ame]

Here's some zbrush BPRs and maya whatnots.. I'll post some more high rez and in game screen shots soon. Hope you all enjoy!


High Rez model for the Advent Rebel Titan:


and a few stills from the intro:





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