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WIP - LowPoly Cole McGrath

More or less my first post in this nice forum and definitely my first LowPoly character. I was a bit frightened at first to post my amateurish work here along all those great artists...but we all have to start small right :)

So what this thread be all about you might ask?
I want to get better at modelling and for “starters” at low poly models - so I would really appreciate some advice from you guys =)

The goal for my little twisted version of Cole McGrath (Infamous) was that he should look like a little sketch I did a week ago. For the Tris limit I set myself to 1500 and currently I am at 1822, so there is still some parts to improve for sure.


Here are some screengrabs from Maya...if someone wants some other views just tell me.



Still not sure if I should model his backpack also - what do you say?



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