[CE3] City Mall Interior

Im doing an interior of an american mall for a project. It is semi deserted in as much as it was closed untouched. but people have broken in and stolen stuff from the shops. This is for a second year and i have only been using cryengine SDK for about a month and a half, sorry if quality is below par for the site.

This is the progress thus far.



Crit is welcomed and encouraged. Any questions please ask.




  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    You've got a solid start here. Since you say it's abandoned and is being regularly raided by thieves, my main suggestion would be to really grunge it up: Put holes in the concrete, tear up the hanging flags, break the glass, show it being overgrown by foliage, rip out some of the tiles, toss over the soda machines, etc etc.

    Like so maybe: http://www.conceptroot.com/ult/upload_pic/image_1327007360.jpg

    Also, I'm not sure what the blue thing on stairs is supposed to be.

    Anyhow, keep going with it! This looks like a lot of fun :)
  • Schrodinger's Backface
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    Schrodinger's Backface polycounter lvl 6
    Hey, what are your plans for the walls/floors? As is they feel a bit empty for a place that's been broken into. Maybe some graffiti or signs of wear and tear.

    Also, if I may suggest, the arch/semi circle area of the window ceiling feels like the supports are sort of randomly placed. Not the grate area.. just the area where it's 4 large pieces running vertically. Might be useful to try a different shape and add another semi circle

    examples of what I mean:

    The shape right now kind of reminds me of a cage and with the barren walls it makes it feel like a high-budget prison.

    That being said, decent start. Good luck!
  • walklikethis
    Cheers guys

    Totally get you schrodinger, will re work that element for sure. wont take that long.

    As for the walls and floor deutschbag, i don't want it that extreme. However, i will make sure to use decals of graffiti and grime to grunge it up a little, as well as foot prints and other scuff marks on the floor to bring it to life.

    the problem with lifting tiles and making cracks is that im using repeating textures. so its not something i can edit easily. i will try and think a way around it or something


  • walklikethis

    got a cube map going... which was interesting. took a bit of trial and error. didn't realise i had to alter the material set-up as well, feel a bit stupid now because it was so simple. I also changed the end of the glass cover to match the suggestion given. I also ripped the flags up a bit. I have yet to dirty the ground and walls yet. (got a few loose papers going) Going to put cracks in the walls with decals.

    Any other suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.


  • Orchidface
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    Orchidface polycounter lvl 7
    more detail. more reference.
  • walklikethis
    when you say more detail.... what exactly do you mean. it isn't finished incase you thought it was. In terms of detail, i intend to add dirt dicals to the floor and graffiti to the walls.

    i also have to add the shops in. as well as creating the sense they have been broken into. Im going to have roller shutters:


    bent and twisted out of shape as if people have forced their way under.

    The shop on the left will be starbucks, sort of like this Precedent%20starbucks%20interior.jpg

    and then the middle shop will be a GAP like so gap-closing-october-2011.jpg

    hope this helps solidify the image im trying to create.
  • Ace-Angel
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    Ace-Angel polycounter lvl 7
    Tint the glass slightly in an orangish color, and setup up some mesh/net like parts around the lower parts of the glass so that people walking on that floor don't get blinded by the rays.

    Also, tone down the amount of God-Rays, they're taking away alot from the scene.
  • walklikethis
    thanks, im a little confused about the mesh parts around the sections of glass, not sure what you mean. and i will change the rest, thanks for the feedback
  • walklikethis

    update people. slowly coming together. I have already noted the over saturated flags... anything else majorly wrong?
  • Schrodinger's Backface
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    Schrodinger's Backface polycounter lvl 6
    Just curious, are your vending machines or any of your store signs going to glow? Though I suppose if you are going with a daytime scene the only thing that would be worth a glow would be the vending machine in the shadows.

    I can't tell from this one image but is there two different kinds of glass? One seems much more blue and the other is greyish. Or is it that you haven't done the texture yet and you've just removed the glass mesh from the one area for lighting? If that's the case then ignore me.

    Keep pumping away, it's coming along!
  • walklikethis
    hey man, thanks for the crit.

    The glass is something im having a little trouble with and might re-do. the bluish glass i think i will keep, but the covering glass i need to re-do as well as put glass at the end in the semi circle.

    As for the glow, the power is supposed to be out, so not electricity is on, thus there wouldn't be any glow.

    i got a fair bit left to do.... but it is mainly decal work that needs to be done to bring it to life.
  • walklikethis

    updated version. I tried it out with buildings in the background and the mixture between that and roof glass.... it looked super messy. so i changed it up. put a solid roof on it. however, it isn't finished which is why i did a paint over. of things that need to be filled. in. The highlighted square on the left hand side is there because i feel that area is still a little messy. i will have to sort that out with something. anyway. here is my paint over.



  • walklikethis

    so i toned down the vignette and the stairs were also a little bleached out. so i toned that down. once again i have done a small paint over of what i am going to do next.


    on that note, i have just set up a particle system within cryengine to simulate dust particles. it was pretty successful, but it is worth noting that it wont come across so awesome in a still image.

    anyway. crits and commets and welcome as always

  • Ark
    The godrays and light on the stairs is much brighter than the outdoor light which seems a bit odd. Also the interior lighting looks a little too dark since your emphasizing such bright lighting from the outdoor judging by the brightness of the godrays. Maybe brighten up the scene and darken areas furthest away from the light portals to get more gradation to the lighting.
  • walklikethis
    @ Ark, thanks man, will defo change the light outside so it matches the intensity of light i am trying to capture. i will also check out lighting the place up a little more. thanks for the feedback
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