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MikeDunnam polycounter lvl 6
Hello everyone!

I have had these listed on my site for a while and have had 1000s of downloads. I linked them on zbrush central a while back and got some good feedback. Here are some custom brushes I made mostly for environment sculpting. I am going to be adding about 20 more soon. If anyone has any requests for types of brushes etc, let me know as well. I figured I would debut them on polycount as I just updated my website as well. So if you are interested here they are. Use them as you wish. I only ask that you do not change the names of them and repost them yada yada. And feel free to link to my site.


Btw click the image to go to the location of the brushes. Unfortunately you have to download each of them seperate b/c I am keeping track of which get downloaded the most. But who cares, they are free right?

They are brush files so all you need to do is drop them in and they are ready to go.

So Enjoy, hope you like them.



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