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Experienced concept artist, illustrator looking for work. Freelance or full-time/

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Name: Kirill Kozyrev


Languages: English (fluent), Russian (native), Italian (intermediate).


Hello World!

I am Jack of all Trades, and master of some.

I've been a concept artist, illustrator, 3d artist, animator, tech artist and lead artist. If you're interested, you can check my LinkedIn page for details. Currently I'm pumping my skillset with Unreal Engine (from blueprint scripting to 2d). I'm trying to keep my skills in shape and I believe, that there's no limit to will. And what I am willing, is to make something cool and great, be it freelance or full-time project.

Let's see, what we can make together!!

If you're interested in working with me, please contact me via E-mail or Telegram.


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