Mobile Shooters; RTS Cam or TPS Cam?

Hey guys

So I work for a mobile game studio, and a co-worker and myself are going to make a pretty cool dungeon crawler game that I recently came up with

I already have a mock level designed out and with only a movement function, i was showing it off to him today at work and explored the level

I intended for the game to use an RTS style view (like diablo or dungeon siege for instance...and maybe a somewhat more relative example Robokill), but while showing it to him, he didn't like the camera and encouraged me to try out a TPS camera

so I did, and he thought it was REALLY cool, but I have my own concerns about those style games for mobile

In my experience, controlling a character through a close third person camera is almost always pretty clunky on mobile. Whether it's Nova, or those zombie shooters, or even Shadowgun; anything I've ever played just kinda feels like a struggle to be able to control movement, camera, and where you shoot.

Robokill, however, was a 90º angle dungeon crawler shooter that I had a GREAT amount of fun playing, you could walk in any direction and shoot in any direction and the controls were just pretty solid in my experience.

While it's ultimately my decision and he's find doing it however I want, what is your all's opinion about those two style of plays in the mobile realm? Do you enjoy 3'rd person shooters? Do you prefer RTS cameras? Why don't you like the other type or why do you prefer one over the other?

If anyone has ANY good control reference on mobile (specifically iOS), PLEASE let me know. My studio could really use a really fun, polished game that could make us some bank, and I really need some feedback on this issue and do some good research. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Also, if more specifics of gameplay is required for you to give any kind of feedback, you will be able to move in all direction (except vertically...well we could add a jump, but most likely not)...shoot, access door panels and collect keys, pretty basic and simple in theory


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