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[DS2] Mace, TimPogson

This contest looks amazing there are already so many amazing entries, I thought I'd give it a shot!

My Idea for the mace is its twisted and possessed with bad ass demon skulls and horns twisting up it. For the main body of the mace I was actually thinking of making it look like a twisted demonic crown. Anyways super excited to get going with this. I will be posting my progress soon!!!


  • TimPogson
    Update! (finally)

    Ok, my idea has changed slightly since I first posted I ended up not liking what I had, so i began again and I still want this Twisted Horn mace but I thought if I incorporated some runes in it would be like this demonic stone entrapped in these Horns.

    Here is my current WIP, for the most part I've finished the demonic stone and I gotta move on to the Horns. I'd like the horns to have the same qualities of Samael's from the game but of-course in a different shape.

    Please let me know whatcha think I would love any and all feedback, I started late so I'm trying to bust my ass to get something cool finished !! :D



  • TaylorMouse
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    TaylorMouse polycounter lvl 10
    Nice concept, can't wait to see the colors

  • TimPogson
    Small Update right now, just messing with runes trying to hammer this badboy out ! :) I think the runes are fitting well with the Darksider's style (I hope lol). Oh also the rune will be glowing some color haven't really decided.

    I will update in a bit with the whole weapons once I'm done for the night, only like 4 more days OMG :D!


  • TimPogson
    I Finished my Sculpt tonight, I ran into troubles with making the stones prison horns look like horns so I went for a more Bone look on them. So I'm thinking I'm gonna go for a more Ghostly Astral feeling. tomorrow low poly and baking ! :poly124: crits always welcome.


  • TimPogson
    ZOMG, it's almost due and Ill probably end up working through the night on this but I wanted to update.

    I watched a couple of the new gameplay videos and I saw something I thought was really interesting, there was this black stuff that looks to be possessing the constructs or something. Whatever it is I thought It was DOPE and I wanted to give it a go on my weapon since I needed to work the runes in better.

    Anyways here is my rendition let me know whatcha think of it and if it works!

  • Turret
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    Turret polycounter lvl 8
    Looking good. I like the black stuff idea, but if you don't end up going with it I still think you will need something to anchor those other stones to the weapon. With the time you have left the black stuff would be easier, but chains would look cool too. In the very end if you run out of time you can always stick the stones inside the cage somewhere.
  • TimPogson
    Tiny update just hammering away, I've kinda worked the Dark stuff in more with the whole weapon. As always crits are appreciated.:)

  • TimPogson
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