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[DS2] Mace, zicoV


This was a close one.
Didn't start baking my maps until last night so i really wasnt sure if i was gonna make it,
but here is my final image :)

Hope you like it and good luck.



  • zicoV
    So i've been a bit busy with school these past few weeks but i've managed to put together a base mesh for scuplting.


    I'm a little worried that the silhouette is too clustered so i will see what i can do about that.
  • SgtNasty
    The center of the head seems sort of empty... It looks like there should be something in there.
  • zicoV
    I've been making a couple of dirrent versions of the head of the mace but this one was ultimately what i was most pleased with.

    Time to go sculpt this bad boy..
    Or maybe play some mass effect 3 :D

  • zicoV
    I did a quick paint over to help me get started on the sculpting.
    Not quite sure about the color scheme yet but hopefully it will come to me as i work on the high res.

  • zicoV
    Changed the shape of the blade to get a bit more of an organic feel to them and I also replaced the pommel.

    Here's a scale ref :)

  • relaxesonsand
    This designs pretty cool, I think the transition and the pommel are the best bits. Not sure if it should have so many blades, the little ones seem out of place somehow, maybe it would be better to keep the vertical bars on the cage-like thing but remove the smaller blades.

    Also have you tried the skull on the transition without the horns? Looking at the unshaded mesh I wouldn't have expected it to have massive horns and I think it might look better without them. Maybe it'll fit more when you get to sculpting them out or whatever though.
  • zicoV
    I had my doubts about the smaller blades too. Maybe i will throw them away if they don't fit into the sculpt. They look like they are gonna eat alot of polys off my final count too.

    Also the horns was an idea i got in the paintover for a transition between the skull and the blades so lets wait and see how they turn out in zbrush. I might come up with a better idea once im in there.

    Thanks for the crit :)
    Was getting kinda lonely in here :P
  • zicoV
    It has been a busy week so i hadn't done as much work on the scuplt as i would have liked too. But lucky my weekend is free so i'll probably get retopology and textures done by monday :)

  • zicoV
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