Keeping track of windows floating off screen!

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Unfortunately, I do not have a second monitor. I use a cheap, dying, 20" TN screen and it feels cramped alot of the time. (doubly so in zbrush). However, my brother who I live with has a nice 22" HDTV that I can borrow.

This leaves me with an incredibly aggravating problem. I can borrow this monitor and plug it in as a second screen, but I can't do any development work on it. If I use 3ds max, UDK or sometimes Photoshop for any period of time, I'm going to have floating dialogue boxes crop up nearly constantly. And then the next time I try and use Max or whatever without a second monitor plugged in, all these floating dialogues will be floating off screen where my second monitor was.

So, Problem - I often have floating dialogue boxes from Max or UDK end up off screen that I cannot move. How can I get them back? And in such a way that I could do this several times a week without causing myself headaches?

Does anyone know of any third part software that will grab off screen windows and bring them back? the problem is that most of the time these (Render to texture dialogue or the Landscape editor) are not actual windows and most methods I've tried can't touch them. Including ever max script I've tried.

so... anyone deal with this?


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