Old television

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jmg06 polycounter lvl 5
Hey everybody, I just kinda finished this old tv and I'm looking for some comments or criticism on how to improve it.

total polycount: 410
tv texture: 512 dif/spec/nrm
table texture: 256 dif/nrm




  • jmg06
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    jmg06 polycounter lvl 5
    These are the textures i'm working on. The normal map is baked in xnormal.
    Does anybody know how I can fix the blockiness in the corners of the front of the tv in the normal map?

  • pseudoBug
    Not sure why you'd want to fix the "blockiness" in the normal.

    Basically, it looks blocky because it's describing the difference between the hi-poly normals and the low poly. The blockiness look is from the low poly. If you smoothed it out, it would then look low poly.

    Make sense?

    If that's not what you meant, and you're having problems getting a good bake, then I'd look into the normals wiki and earthquakes normal thread for the difference between proper baking techniques.

    You want to pull the top vertices of the legs away from the top surface of the table.
  • jmg06
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    jmg06 polycounter lvl 5
    I was talking about this.

    I'm not sure if this is a baking problem or that my low-poly is bad but i'll take look at the wiki. thanks for the advice!
  • pseudoBug
    Yep, see my above explanation. The normal will appear blocky. Not necessarily an indication of a bad bake. I personally can't tell if this amount of blockiness indicates a problem, haven't been looking at normals enough lately.

    I'd slap a high spec on it with a point light or two and rotate it around to see how the normal is working. If it looks good, it's doing it'd job. :)
  • Ghostscape
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    Ghostscape polycounter lvl 11
    That specular map is really terrible.

    Why does it have a hot wood-grain in it? That's not how polished wood reflects light.

    Gold is created with a dark brownish diffuse and a bright gold spec.

    You have missed the grey metal parts of your diffuse when creating your spec, so the metal plate the controls sit on are using the (bad) wood diffuse.

    Polished wood does not usually reflect the grain of the wood in the specular.
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