[UDK] - Sci-fi Corridor

Here are some images from a recent test I completed. This scene was constructed from rough 3ds max file and a concept image, both of which were supplied to me. All assets for this scene were modeled in high-ploly and baked down to normal, spec and color maps.

I still plan to add more details such as wire hanging from the ceiling and more junk laying around the scene. Any feedback is helpful. -Thanks



  • Wonkey
    Take all my advice with a grain of salt....

    Right now, you scene is fine... and fine sucks, fine gets no replies, lol.

    Try telling a story with your scene. Make your hologram computer say Intruder! with a pic of some wierd alien. Make some decal bloody alien foot prints walking through the scene. Make a paralax decal of where the alien clawed the shit out of the panels and floors.
    Also push spec maps more. Maybe try to push the silhouettes more.
  • Oniram
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    Oniram polycounter lvl 11
    x2 what wonkey said.....and

    i really love the way that wall piece looks with lit normals.. texture-wise however it could use some work. you could push the spec and gloss to give it a lot more visual interest other than just mundane dirty scratches on something that appears to be in a relatively clean and up kept environment. things like smudges, galvanization (maybe), or other natural occurrences that happen on metallic surfaces would look much better than just a surface full of scratches.
  • timspanjer
    Thanks Wonkey and Oniram for the feedback. I'll push is further and add some of those details. It's easy to get wrapped up in the modling and baking of meshes and loses focus on the story that the scene should be telling. Thanks again guys
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