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Unreal X-Editor is my new editor for creating/editing Unreal Script files. Unreal X-Editor is packed with rich features that makes Unreal Scripting easier for both beginners and experts. Listed are the features of Unreal X-Editor.

  • Class Tree Viewer
  • Autocomplete
  • Declaration Autocomplete
  • Code Folding
  • C# Style Commenting
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Line Numbers
  • Auto Indent
  • Basic Preset Scripts
  • Run UDK Editor from Unreal X-Editor
  • Run UDK Game from Unreal X-Editor
  • Compile/Full Compile Scripts from Unreal X-Editor
  • 8 Skins to change the Look And Feel of Unreal X-Editor

Unreal X-Editor is free for Commercial and Non-Commercial use. If you like this app, please Donate to help keep this project alive.

New VS2010 Skin:
Visit Unreal X-Editor Blog

To run No-Ribbon Version, please refer to the Help file that comes with Unreal X-Editor

NOTE: Unreal X-Editor requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher to work

Please post your bugs/suggestions/feedback here.


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