Rocketeer helmet and jetpack

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Alrighty folks. It's the usual. Long time lurker occasionally chiming in :P So first thread I'm going to post my progress on the rocketeer helmet and jetpack. There is not a high concept here other than practice with subdivision, zbrush, and baking normals. Also I love the retro-scifi style because of shapes and curves that lead the eye around.

I've only done a few "next gen" assets and want to improve. The high poly has been finished and baked onto the low poly. I spent a few days getting a good bake... at least I think it's a good bake. Any comments and critiques would be nice.

The low-poly has 1986 triangles with 1024 x 1024 maps (only normal and AO in diffuse for now). Shown with the xoliul shader.


Oh I also stuck the model into UDK to see how it looks in an engine. It appears fine to me so I'll be start texturing this weekend. (Then I can proceed to the jetpack!)



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