[CE3] Graphical Artifacts and GPU Shutdown

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Hey guys,

Having a really frustrating problem with CE3 at the moment. My computer is working perfectly fine, and I'm able to play any game at maximum settings for hours on end, as well as use Zbrush, Max, Photoshop etc, with no crashes and no graphical artifacts whatsoever.

However, whenever I use CE3 for more than 10/15 mins, I start to get these weird graphical artifacts all over the screen, and seconds later, my GPU shuts down. What's weird is that my computer stays ON, but the graphics card just shuts down.

I would like to know why this is specifically happening with Cryengine. It's infuriating! It doesn't happen with any other software, so I don't really want to invest in a new graphics card just yet.

Any ideas guys? My only thought is that my GPU is dying, but it's odd that it doesnt get artifacts with anything else.

Oh, here's a screenshot:



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