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Hello polycounters!

I just remade the layout for my portfoliosite and I would love some feedback on it. some of the art is old and some other will be updated and also som new stuff is on the way ^^

Also got some alignment issues with my (old) showreel and some text but that will be resolved. What i would like feedback on is as said the general layout and such, but if you have some comments on my pieces please share if you want :) Im currently doing my internship and am planning to have a fresh new portfolio when it ends, in about 4 months.

here the site: http://www.simonbarle.com

art I will change:

-the trees, make new and better.
-the houses, ditch the tavern and redo the texture on the house and present it in a small UDK scene
-remaking the Terran marine with some better UVs and improved proportions and then a brand new texture.



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