Low Poly Environment Diorama

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Pixelatedkiwi interpolator
We have started doing 3D art challenges at my studio to have something other than our studio work to have fun with and help grow our skills. For our first one we are using the Blizzard student art competition (not entering obviously, just doing the competition guidlines). The competition guide-lines are basically to make a small structure diorama that would fit into the World of Warcraft Art style.

As some of these challenges will be setup to push us in areas we normally wouldn't be doing, or haven't had a lot of experience in, I thought it'd be great to share mine with the Polycount community for some extra C&C.

I wanted to make mine look as though it would fit into the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria. I've finished the main structure, next up will be the environment to go with it, I shall try to keep this thread updated with progress.

Thanks for looking :)



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