First low-poly model attempt!

Made with 3ds Max and Mudbox for texturing, also the textures are from

I watched at least an hour of tutorials, and went straight to making a crate for Counter Strike: Source.
Also, I finally figured out how to UVW Unwrap! :D

Please critique my work, I'm trying my best to get better everyday!

TRIS: 228
VERTS: 388


By the way, does anyone know how to display the vert, poly, and tri counts in 3ds max?


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    Hey man not bad. Is this your first model? Looks a hell of a lot better than mine did. (Do not ask it will never see the light of day again. EVER.) :poly141:

    Did you look at references? Especially if you're going the photorealism route they're pretty crucial. Take a look at real life plywood crates and study the different materials. Some are made with different types/shades of wood, or have some metal in them. Look where the edges look scuffed/dingy. In most you can see the types of attachments that keep the crate together (nails, metal clamps, etc). Some have fragile stickers, painted red arrows, logos, etc etc. All these little details really make whatever you create believable, and it's easy to forget about the little elements when you're not looking at some solid reference as you go.

    Check out "plywood crate" on Google image search to see what I mean.

    Edit: Oh yeah I forgot to add, when you take screenshots turn off your grid and crop out the UI elements so you get a clean shot of your work. Also display the wireframe over the model (with the texture or gray shaded I've seen both) )
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    the + in the top left corner>configure>statistics>apply....

    crate looks okay!
    but it misses some AO to get more volume also some unique detail like dirt and damage never hurts to sell it off. right now texture and model look a bit disconnected... visually.
    the crate is telling 2 stories . one stylized based on the model and one realistic on the texture..choose one side! ;)
    -the indents seem a bit to deep to make it read as a realistic crate.
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