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I'm Heartbrake and I sale 3D models on the internet and I have decided to start a new line of 3D models with the assistance of a fully new and fresh number of 3D modelers and texture artist. This is really simple, and is known to pay well as a hobby. I have been selling 3D models on the internet for a long time now and the little extra income has saved my life on many occasions, and now, I wish to open a new modeling team with good artist to rival the competition on the 3D model vender sites.

This is what I mean by selling models on the internet, this is my account at a website:

GTX-R Twin Turbo
- Being sold in the vender account -

As you can see, I just make models and place them up to sale. Many members of the website make up to $1,000 a month just from selling models alone. And if you have a wide collection of models (let's say 100+) you will more likely be selling more then normal. Of course, the more models you have, the more money you will make.

Super Thumper

- Being sold in the vender account -

This is a team-based hobby where I can create the 3d models and you texture it, then it is placed for sale, or you can make your own models and someone else textures it, or you can model+texture your own models and place it up for sale all together. You can choose what price you want to sale it for and if you made the model in a joint effort with anyone else on the team, both of you can agree on a fixed payment to place the final product in.

- Being sold in the vender account -

Earnings would be split between everyone that is in the team. At the end of the month, all sales are calculated and split between everyone in the team evenly and equally. If you are gone for too long, you won't be given much except for what you did, because that is only fair for the others. If everyone does the same amount of work, then everyone will be paid perfectly evenly.

Vector W2
- Being sold in the vender account -

I am more likely looking for experienced texture artist, since I can model myself virtually anything and everything known. However, 3D modelers who have at least 1 year modeling experience are fine with me too. I also have a keen ability to be given models that are not so great from party members and redo them to an even better asset then what it was. So not all work is lost, I'm also a fast modeler so it isn't a problem with me either.

Vector W8 Twin Turbo
- Being sold in the vender account -

You will benefit from earning money from a hobby that doesn't push you into a timeline, or kills you with over work. This is a hobby that will not degrade your abilities or make you redo models constantly. As a team, you will learn essential skills you need to do even better then what you already can do on every aspect that is 3D modeling. You will also not be bound to the hobby itself, you may do other side projects like you would normally do while at the same time, you may work on the models given for sale at your own pace and time.

Wheels Of Terror Charger
- Being sold in the vender account -

I've always wanted to start a little team that specialize in modeling 3D low-mid polygon cars. I love cars and everything about them but my internet hobby of projects and other personal issues like actual life work has prevented me from doing so. Now that I do have all the time in the world and I am sure I can dedicate myself 100% to this line of hobby, I am asking for party members to join. Even though the main focus would be cars, other model types such as jets, helicopters, tanks, robots, characters and even weapons can be considered to be made for selling as well. The two reasons I wish to focus on cars is because I know it is what sales the most, and there are many blueprints on the net that people can find. But we don't have to focus on just that explicitly.

Maximus GT
- Being sold in the vender account -


This is a team joint effort, there is no "I" in team. Here, everyone works together to make the best models we can and if not all are perfect, we can always go back and give it an upgrade with a personalize touch. You can make a model half way, and have someone else finish it for you too. There are no restrictions to what you can make or do. Even the silliest little 3D model might be the one that sales the most, I seen it myself! If you want a professional hobby that you can truly take your time in, or if you really love modeling like I do, this is the best way to get paid while doing what you love!

- Being sold in the vender account -

That's right, upgrade your portfolio! You are now in a team, you can use this joint team based 3D modeling vender account to show off what you are capable of along with if you ever need help on any project, you can get full support from your fellow teammates! Also, if you get a really good project deal going on, why not borrow some team members and go for the gold? There are many possibility with this form of hobby. Including getting yourself and your abilities known on the internet in a website that specialize in selling 3D assets to gaming and developing companies from around the world!

You have nothing to lose and yet, so much to gain!

- Being sold in the vender account -

Along with everything this little expedition can bring, I am also a webmaster and can create a website for our team to showcase our models and even sale them at a special discount rate at our own website as well. The website can also support many other things to maintain the members of it hooked on to us and always eager to return for more products or content upgrade. We can supply games and many other things to make our team and the community we model for great!

BMW M3 E46 GT-R: Most Wanted Edition
- Being sold in the vender account -

If you are interested is this little adventure, contact me via Skype or email using the following:

Skype: crystallinaprimacy
Email: [email protected]

You may PM me here for farther information as well!


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