Mobile Game; Fire and Dice

Hey everyone!

My company, Sky Parlor Studios, just recently released a mobile app called Fire and Dice for both Android and iOS. Since release we've been making several updates and still have more on the way. We love what we've created and we are constantly working on trying to make it better and more enjoyable. Our team and all our friends find it pretty addicting :).


Fire and Dice is a game where you roll dice to gain resources to use to save Sparksville from fire. Those resources are either Water (to put out the fire), Gas (to move), Ladders (to save people), and Firetrucks (roll 3 and get another truck!). It currently is setup to never end; however, future updates may change/add to this.

I did not personally work on this project. Most of the artwork was done by CJ Boger

So yea, take a look at some of the city blocks for it!




We would LOVE to get feedback and critique so we can address issues/suggestions for future updates, so please let me know. As said we are a brand new studio and trying to establish stability for the future. We really want to nail a solid product and want to make this as fun as possible! So if you like it; tell your friends ;)

FREE versions
Android download link
iPhone download link

$1.99 version
Android download link
iPhone download link


  • AlexLeighton
    This is a really fun game, I played the free version on iOS but I'm going to grab the full version. But I find it a bit weird that people still need rescuing even after you've put their fire out.
  • [SF]Three9
    Hey thanks Alex! Glad to hear it :)

    haha, yea I suppose so. At the same time, if the person suffered burns but the fire is out, they probably still need help :). It's a good point though, I wonder if we can make it seem more reasonable
  • Eclipse
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    Eclipse polycounter lvl 13
    Looks cool, I'll have to give it a try. As far as the art goes the grey of the AO looks a bit strong imo. I think you could change the hues of the AO maps to better match the colors they were hitting and really brighten things up a bit, make the town look a little warmer and a nicer place to be.
  • [SF]Three9
    I'd love to get your impression Eclipse. That's a really good point with the AO and the colors; I'll talk with CJ about it and plan to implement that in the future. In hindsight I should have suggested that to begin with

    So the latest update is already out for Android, the update for iOS was sent away but hasn't been approved yet; menu was revamped and some new features were implemented, such as keys to city (you buy them and it allows you to unlock already locked dice). Hopefully it'll be up soon!
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