3ds max RTT pixel artifacts

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(Edit: sorry for wall of text..kinda solved my problem in a way by using various other filters...i'll still like to know what is the "most efficient" filter type for 3ds max's renderer tho)


i know this is a seriously minor and extremely retarded question but....does anyone know why my RTT causes these minor pixel artifacts....i decided to do a really generic and plain walkway just to tinker around and i realized that i cant seem to bake out a ao or normal without these minor little artifacts...my general render setup is skylight with lightracer using SSE/global sampler/catmull-rom filter/ no image,motion blur....i also tried disabling filter maps due to the wiki saying that but i still get these darn buggers.....would be nice to know how to fix this little annoyance w/o manual cleaning poly112.gif (P.S...forgive meh if this kinda question has been asked a thousand times in the forums...i tried searching and cant seem to find a thread like this >.<)


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