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Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 7

looking not as much for comments about the layout of the page and more about the general and/or specific quality of the pieces.

General "you suck" comments appreciated along with anything that stands out in terms of quality:

"this doesn't look as good as the other pieces"
"this PART of the piece seems odd/doesn't work/looks bad"

don't worry I'm an huge egotist so anything negative you say will be ignored/drunken away later tonight
Love you guys


  • cdevens
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    cdevens polycounter lvl 7
    Nice work, you have some great renders. The only thing that bothers me is the eyes on the last character. Something seems off, they may be too big or bulging too much. I can't figure out exactly what it is, but something seems off. Otherwise, very nice work.
  • MM
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    MM polycounter lvl 12
    put the female character on top since it looks like your best work in my opinion.
    i dont think you need to take anything out yet but if you add more complete characters then take out the non complete ones like the guy in the underwear.
    good work over all. add more full character. the creatuer diffuse work seems a bit incomplete.

    also always try to use a background color for your characters render that puts the character on focus. the female character render with greenish background and greenish lighting or tint looks too washed out.

    btw, i noticed your image file sizes are a bit up there. a 1200x1200 image shouldnt be around 1000kb. use photoshop's save for web and try to get it around 250kb and you should not be able to tell the difference in quality from the 100kb one.
    your entire site will load lot faster if you do this for all images.
  • Lucas Annunziata
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    Lucas Annunziata polycounter lvl 7
    A little nit-picky of me, but with the zombie texture sheet, I'd like to see the normal map background as blue rather than black. It just skeevs me out.
  • Dylan Brady
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    Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 7
    all top notch advice thanks
  • Jonas Ronnegard
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    Jonas Ronnegard Polycount Sponsor
    If you have time to fix anything, i would do something about the hair on the female worrier, quality seems off compared to the rest of the character, atleast in the top renders, might be the material, in the las picture it looks quite nice.
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