3ds max - applying a new model to an old animation

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Alright, I've been struggling to figure something out and my google searches have been less than helpful, so I figured I could ask you guys for help.

So here's my problem, I did some animations for a character awhile back. Now, I've made several variations of the character and have 3 new models, but I want them to use the same animations.

I have every animation saved into it's own 3ds max file, as well as a file with just the bones. I can skin my new models to the skeleton in the one file, but is there anyway to import the now skinned models into the animation files and maintain the appropriate weights so that they'll follow the animation?

This sounds like something that's probably possible but I'm pretty noobish when it comes to things like this so don't be too hard on me if it's super-easy or something, haha.


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