UDK and Nvidia 3d Vision giving me a headache.

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Literally giving me a headache!

I just grabbed the october beta, and just installed new nvidia drivers for my card. 3d Vision is working normally for games and whatnot, but I'm having some problems with UDK.

I know UDK is supposed to be supporting it now, but only in full screen and not in the editor? Unfortunately for me...thats not the case. I can't get my monitor to stop trying to do some form of 3d.

The IR hub for the glasses turns on automatically when I launch UDK.

If I keep the glassess off, I get 120 refresh rate, and the object stays in the same spot, but colors shift subtlely and rapidly...which is giving me a headache.

Glasses on tries to do things in stereoscopic 3d, but every other frame has a really heavy fog (so one eye can see but the other sees fog).

When I have the IR hub unplugged, I get the old school red and blue on my monitor.

Heres a pic of the red and blue - cant really capture the stereoscopic for obvious reasons.


Has anybody else had this issue?


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