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I got a job!

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Hey all! Many of you probably don't know me. I've been a longtime lurker on and have just recently made an effort to become more active.

Long story short... I've just accepted a 3d Artist position at Turbine Inc! I'm so stoked about landing my first industry gig and I wanted to give a big thanks to all the folks at Polycount. I went to school for 3d art and it gave me a great foundation but the folks at polycount have taken me to a level 10x higher than where I was at when I graduated.

Thanks so much to the moderators and community members for creating a place where game artists can grow and thrive. Working in games has been a dream of mine since I first started making maps for Doom at the age of 12. I've been with Polycount since the days of Quake 2 and it has had a profound impact on me as an artist.

Fifteen years later, I've landed my first industry job.

I'm off to go celebrate. Thanks again. Cheers!


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