fantasy styled bazooka (big images)

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supaclueless polycounter lvl 6
hey once again polycount, I know i'm i hardly ever post here (lurk-a-holic) because atm i'm still utterly terrible at modelling and whatnot but im looking to hear some critiques from you guys again (i wanna thank you guys for the constant information and teachings you guys give out to utter beginners like me and others from all ur wikis and threads, they really help guide me when i'm stuck in situations!)

I decided to try making this fictional bazooka because it does not look impossible for me (I tried doing a revolver but thats on hold atm :S ... and i wannted to better understand and learn clean bakes and basic texturing skills)

Hoping to hear some critiques from you guys again as I immensely appreciate the guidance you guys give out of care :)

Warning: pic sizes are quite ridiculously huge >.<

(I'm working on texture atm)

Normals (2046x2046)

bake (rendered in marmoset)

high-poly (3ds max)

low poly (3ds max) (2374 tris)
MvTkQ.jpg seems that i get a COMPLETELY different result when i apply my normal map in marmoset than in 3ds max (I tried xoliul's and 3point Lite)....was wondering if you guys can explain this to an amatuer like me...I also noticed the bad waviness :S


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