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Hey guys, wanted to share a bit of the work i did on Rage. I've been at id software for over a year and 8ish months now. Ive had the honor to work along side some crazy talented guys. My main role for the project was to serve as stamp artist. Bringing the levels together seamesly through the usage of our megatexture technology. In the end of rage, i got the privilege of leading stamping crew on the multiplayer maps ( you guys rule!!! ). My time at id has been beyond awesome, proof of that is the work im about to show you. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Special Shutout go to Phillip Bailey, for imparting wisdom and putting up with my crap :P And to Justin Owens for doing all the crazy terrain stuff! Most importantly i would like to thank all of you in polycount, for continuously making this community awesome. Cant tell you how many times i felt like i hit a wall, checked polycount to either find answers or get inspired!

Note : It was a bit hard deciding what to show as we all got to touch the same areas at times, so im only showing the stuff that i got to work all alone on.

You can view more screenshots in my site





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