Oxygen Blade (first time texture)

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supaclueless polycounter lvl 7
Greetings Polycount community, name's Supaclueless and i've been lurking in the forums for quite some time but this is my first post here so forgive meh on certain mistakes :poly121:

This is the first time i've ever completely modeled from high 2 low, baked, and textured a object.....i started learning 3ds at around June of this year (I self teach myself via internet vids/forums/ (TY polycount wiki!!!)

Comments and critiques on my work would be 100% appreciated as I would love to hear the opinion of what I considered this to be a "really meh" work >.< ... I will admit this is not the best thing in the entire world and I wish to become better at this :)

Concept (artist: gia) (I only did the blade >.<)

(render - Marmoset engine) (poly count: 297)

(diffuse 1024-1024)

(normals 1024-1024)


  • DEElekgolo
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    DEElekgolo polycounter lvl 9
    I'm seeing a lack in the need for a normal map. You can probably exaggerate what little detail it has to give more meaning to your normals. Your uv islands could be stacked to save texture space and it could even be on a 1:2 or 2:1 texture from the looks of it. Try and keep your rectangular elements parallel to each other and the edges of your UV space. Having it diagonal makes packing harder and causes some texture details to look funky when filtered. The entire mesh looks symmetrical so that could have given you more UV space alone.

    I would hit on the design but that's not exactly your fault.
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    BARDLER polycounter lvl 7
    The proportions for the sword seem way off. In the photo the handle fits into the blade almost twice, in your model the handle only fits into the blade once.
  • Nitewalkr
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    Nitewalkr polycounter lvl 8
    ....Proportions of the sword?

    You might want to bevel the handle that is squared out. Just to give it some smooth edge ( Just a little bit) like it is in the concept. :)

    You can get rid of that pixelated edges in the normal map, by blending them out (just the pixelated edges not the entire thing.)

    Over all, kick ass work sir. :D
  • supaclueless
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    supaclueless polycounter lvl 7
    thanks guys for the comments and critiques! Greatly appreciated them :D

    @Deelekgolo I agree seeing now that the normals is really pointless :S...and at the moment out of the various tools I have not managed to somewhat learn via vids or tuts is UVW unwrapping thus the reason as to why I packed the blade in a SERIOUSLY random order..my bad >.<...btw sry for this question but could ya define 1:2 or 2:1 texture?

    @Nitewalkr I really should have beveled it shoudln't I :3.....I just recently read in teh wiki abt an article abt beveling edges....I should prolly start doing that

    @Bardler I was mainly eyeballing whatever proportion there was (not the best idea) :P...thx for pointing that out

    sry guys btw for the utterly beginner's work...I sincerely hope to become better at this as I hope to do this ALOT better (like some of the ppl in teh forums)
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