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An exercise in modular textures - Scifi lab UDK

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Edit: Updating with link to download and video


Soo... I have been doing alot of remapping of UVs lately, and I wanted to try to see how far i can push things with one modular texture.

The goal is to make this entire scene using one 256*512 texture.

Sofar I still have some of the texture left to use, because I will need to add some more details and custom stuff to it when I build more props. I realize this is not really the best way to build an environment, custom stuff is almost always needed, but its a good exercise to see just how far you can push things, and how much mileage you can get out of one simple texture. Also I know that the style I have chosen is probably almost optimal for this kind of work, but it can be applied to most situations.

Here are some early WIPs and a few props:



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