Ambient Occlusion Question.

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I have started to learn UDK a few weeks ago. I'm trying to get a specific look to a scene I'm building. I want there to be minimal lights, with all the details mostly being seen with ambient occlusion. All of the diffuse will be white. I want the scene to look dream-like and surreal. It will be vague, but the objects will be familiar enough by the details created from the ambient occlusion.

I've spent the last week trying to figure out how to achieve this look to no avail. I originally wanted it to be dynamic, with characters possibly walking around, though I could not find a shader to do this. So I've narrowed the scope down to just static models.

Is there a shader out there for UDK that does this? Is this something that UDK can do naturally? Thanks for any other comments/ideas.

[Also excited that there is a separate UDK section to Polycount!]


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