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Lowpoly SInbad

Hello everyone!!!
Here I come with one more lowpoly character, this time inspired by the really nice concept of Genzoman.
This character was a great study of anatomy, silhouette, polypaint and phtoshop paint,lowpoly reconstruction and a lot of other stuffs =p
It has 11292 triangles and uses maps of 1024 and 2048.
The Hair and beard using planes were really boring to place but the final result worth the time spent.
Working with a character with a lot of silhouette is really hard, there are some accessoeries that weren´t shown in the final comp because the large amount of other stuffs
And I learnt to never underetimate the time that I´m gonna spent witha character with lots of little pieces =p
And before I forget, I´d like to thank my friend Felipe Verissimo that helped me in the final composition
So, here´s the model









  • Santhem
    The face and hands are excellent, as is most of the armor.
    Id love to see a closeup from the hands and the armor on the arms.

    3 little nitpicks, first: your folds look like deep cuts. Mostly folds aren't deep but just more "layered", if you know what i mean.
    Second, the anatomy of where the torso and shoulder meet looks a little off, this might be because of the jacket, but Im pretty sure it would look better if there wasnt so much difference (It might also be the render/lighting, but it just seems really dark under that muscle, i think it sticks out a little too much).
    3th: the colour of the shoulder armor looks, off.
  • PaulP
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    PaulP polycounter lvl 9
    I really like this character, nice job. As for crits, try tweaking the pose on the hands. The right hand doesn't look like its holding the sword very well, maybe adjust the position of the thumb and how the sword fits into the hand.
  • uncle
    Pretty cool stuff I must say, especially liking skin and hair, cool topology also. Metal textures doesn't read too well though, bit too noisy maybe and lack color variation.
  • Tenchi
    Great stuff, I'd agree with the crits above, especially the folds. But overall you've very much executed the feel of Genzoman's style! ^^
  • Redfender
    i really like the overall design of the character, and i can tell you learned a lot about anatomy on this project. a couple things that stick out to me is first the anatomy (the pects, latts, traps, serratus, connection between the arm and forearm). For example the pects look a little flat and flabby (especially due to the sharp shadow underneath), not well used as a character such as this would have. and second the earlier comment about the folds of cloth. overall good job and keep going.
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