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Game Art Workshop - Workshop #5

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Andreas polycounter lvl 11
Hello all. Game Art Workshop - Workshop #5 time! :)

As EarthQuake mentioned, it would be most benificial if we could all try out a new technique with each project (modelling welds, working with spline to create bundles of wires, whatever). So keep that in mind when voting.

I know District 9 was quite a popular topic in the suggestion thread, so I'm putting it in this poll, but I think we need a lot of detailed photo reference for the weapons if we were to undertake it. So if anyone has links, please post them. It would be good practice with using instancing/arrays as many of the guns have repeating detail.

I'm also trying to keep it in-organic at the moment, but the possibility of doing an organic workshop, like FPS hands, or a tree, is definitely there. Just trying to get the workshops back up and running at the moment. And this particular workshop (IMO) has always been about untextured subdivided hard surface modelling techniques. If I'm the only one that feels that way pipe up :D:D:D:D

So place your vote, and we'll get going in a day or two!


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