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Polycount Signing

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- The Polycount Signing -

Got the idea from THIS THREAD over on the Envato Market places. Pretty sweet idea.


1. Take the latest image and paste your avatar/signature into it (Doesn't have to be a grid because that would just be boring). Resave it as a NON-LOSSY FORMAT (like a PNG). Edit your post "In progress post" and reupload it for the next person. Example of a Lossy image format is a JPEG.

2. Do not resize the image. The original image size is 1920x1080.

3. Refresh the page BEFORE replying so that you can make sure you truly are the LATEST person to post. You may have to redo several times depending on how slow you are.

4. Don't hog space.

5. Be respectful to other artists. No defacing and no erasing.

6. Don't get butt hurt if you happen to get bumped off because someone was a jerk and didn't check to see if they had the latest one. Just redo it! ;)

Might add rules as we go but I think those are the most important? Hopefully this encourages some to actually get avatars... Not that I don't love the default polycount avatar. :P

I will start it off!



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