Sketchbook: Benj666

Hi my name is Ben (benj666 see what I did there? ;O).

I study games design and I am trying to improve both 3d work and digital painting, and sketching. Please please comment and critique me.

I hope I get better and hope you enjoy looking at the work when it gets better :)

This is one of the first models, I did. I did it from a book, used the texture from the book just to get into it.

sorry for the non clear image


This was a quick sword design, The idea was to, draw it, colour it in photoshop and then model and texture it, texturing hasnt happened yet :O.


Photoshop leather covered hilt. First time trying to paint leather.


Hilt of model.


Finished model.


This is just a quick study to practice blending colours.


THis was a character modelled from a maya book, an autodesk book actually. Again no texture I should do it really.


This is just a sketch I did, seen as I hadnt drawn on paper for a while.


Please comment and critique

Thanks, Ill upload more later.


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