Environment Study



  • Aigik
    That blurry texture on the road is really distracting for me. It's way too low-res compared to the other detail in the scene.
  • Shoy333
    The house at the very top looks great but to me the pathway up to the house and a few other texture's seem to me very blurry and small in resolution maybe try giveing those areas a larger space in your uv's also try revisting the textures and giving them some love the path in particular vision a path walked in the forest how it would wear where the people would walk and how the edge's would still be grassy and the normal mapping on the cliff that the second house sits on seems to be very strong and distracting, this scene could also use some strong foreground element's and maybe some filler's in the air such as birds flying around or also maybe fill some of the voids around the castle's with other cliffs to help the composition, I like the feeling of this enviorment though and the ambience it gives your lighting could also use some blueish hues to help that abandoned distant feeling also some fog around the bottom of the cliff's could help aswell to fill up some of that empty space. But great start so far a few tweaks here and there and this will pop better and read better
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