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Maxscript to check for UVs outside 0-1 space?

I'm looking for a script that would check for UVs outside of the 0-1 space and then alert me if it found any. It would be really great if I could select multiple objects, run the script and then get a message that identifies the offending objects. In a perfect world it would also select the UV elements that have any vertices outside the 0-1 space. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  • leechdemon
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    Without a maxscript, you could probably just apply a generic texture... say, a 2pxx2px black square, and then turn off tiling. Set your Diffuse to neon pink, and anything that shows up pink in the viewport is out of 0-1.

    Try this one:
    for obj in (selection as array) do
    ObjectError = 0
    for i = 1 to obj.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].numbervertices() do
    ThisVert = obj.modifiers[#unwrap_uvw].getVertexposition 0 i
    If ObjectError == 0 then
    if (ThisVert [1]<0) then
    (ObjectError = 1)
    if (ThisVert [1]>1) then
    (ObjectError = 1)
    if (ThisVert [2]<0) then
    (ObjectError = 1)
    if (ThisVert [2]>1) then
    (ObjectError = 1)
    If ObjectError==1 then
    (Print ("Object '" + obj.name + "' is out of the 0-1 UV Range."))
    (Print ("Object '" + obj.name + "' is all set!"))
    Select the objects you want to test and open up the listener. Run the script, and it'll tell you what objects are 0-1 and which are not. It assumes a collapsed mesh with uvw_unwrap on top... not sure if it'll work outside of that.
  • miauu
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    Go here and try my script. scriptspot.com
    The script will add UVW_Unwrap modifier to selected objects, so there is no need you add it manualy. :)
  • erik!
    Oh man thanks for the hard work dudes! However PatJS is a boss and wrote a very delicious script last night that works perfectly. I'll have to converse with the fine gentleman to see if he's willing to release it into the wild. Thanks again!
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