in keeping with my tradition of basically never finishing any of my personal projects, Ive decided to start a new portfolio piece! (woo) I haven't done anything hard-core mechanical in a while, so I'm going to make myself a cliche Crab-Tank-Robot-Thing-of-Fiery-Cannon-Doom (<sarcasm> because nobody else has EVER made one of those before </sarcasm>). This is not a practical design, and its really only going to be for some eye candy I can stuff in my port (hopefully), but I do plan to cram it in UDK at some point.

I busted out a rough draft last night in a few hours, and I'm happy with the basic design, so on to the high poly stuff.

Ill post updates as I have them, but thanks to family/work/life stuff its probably going to take me a few months to finish it. In the mean time, if anybody has suggestions / crits / comments / bananas or anything else, Id love to hear them.



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