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Retopology Zbrush 4

polycounter lvl 11
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Alphavader polycounter lvl 11
Hey, so i made a little alien,
and want to redo the topology from scratch.
Now i dont think the zbrush topology tools
are very handy, maybe zbrush at all isnt it too.
I googled a lot and find 3d coat, but maybe i can do it in zbrush to.

My problems in zbrush are:
- "backgroundculling" ?! - very bad that i see fore and backgrounds of the topology,
- zbrush crushes very often, dont know but the topolgytool dont seems to be very stable.

- the 3d cat programm seems to be very easy and nice

wich programm did you use for the topology ? Did you manage zbrush or did you use other tools ?!

Here some pics



//edit: i use the newest zbrush version


  • ant
    zbrush 4 has issues with retopo shit.
    3.5 was ok but there is some funny stuff going on.

    if you have maya( btw nex has some tools for this as well , but again slow) you can do it there by making an object live and create poly tool followed by edge extrusions...but slow

    so.... 3d coat is weapon of choice for most peeps,

    But.. Topogun 2 beta is extraordinarily fast with its new tool set.
    so , TG or 3dcoat
  • Alphavader
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    Alphavader polycounter lvl 11
    thanks topgun looks very nice,
    ill try that out..
    Doesnt know that mighty zbrush has it weaknesses. ;)
    Thought there might be a plugin or something out,
    but first ill try topgun

    any nice tutorials out there beside the
    "fast and not explained videos on the side " ?

    ahh the help button.. helps.. :icon15:
  • Alphavader
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    Alphavader polycounter lvl 11
    i tried out topogun.. what a genius programm..
    so nice to use, i still use the demo version
    but i think its every penny worth it !

    Can i load the highpoly ref and the lowpoly mesh from
    zbrush obj. and then work on the lowmesh ?


    all i have to do know is baking or something else ?
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