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Jagex Art Test [Lots o' pics]

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gilesruscoe polycounter lvl 7
So, recently i considered applying for a job at Jagex, since their offices arn't too far from where i live at the moment, i spoke with one of their modellers (PC member too i believe) and they linked me to an art test, so here is my crack at it.

"General restrictions for all models

In addition to the tri limits the following restrictions must to be adhered to.

Due to the engine providing our players with both textured and un-textured version of the game, all models need to look good without any textures. This means any intricate details will need to be present on the model itself.
Use separate bands of flat colour to add gradients & shading to models.
Maximum size is 128 x 128.
Texture mapping
Use only simple texture mapping (planar or box mapping ideally, unwrapped model sheets are not required).

Please create the following three models.

Scenery – Bookshelf – Concept Art Attached: Bookcase_concept.jpg – Triangle limit: 500

NPC – Troll – Concept Art Attached: Troll_concept.jpg – Triangle limit: 1000

Weapon – Applicants choice and concept – Triangle limit: 250
Please create a 1 handed fantasy melee weapon. The concept is up to you. We will be testing your creative skills as well as your modelling ability so have fun!"

First concept i started on was this bookshelf:

And heres my model:


Next up was a Troll concept:

This guy was great fun to make, having to model any details that you would normally just texture while staying under 1k tris is quite the challenge!



And the last thing to do was to design a weapon, only after making my weapon design did i realise it said MELEE weapon, and i'm not sure if a staff counts as a mellee weapon (melee would suggest you make a sword or spear i guess?). Either way, here it is:



Going to be sending these off once i know there isn't any major flaws/errors with them (let me know if you find any). Hoping for the job (duh) but if not, one thing i've gained from this is alot of respect for the Jagex artists, having to make an entire world from vert/face colours is pretty cool.


  • Stinger88
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    Stinger88 polycounter
    In the concept the troll has rope bindings. On the model it looks more like brown cloth wrapped around him. In fact it looks a little like the texture is being stretched.

    Other than that the model look pretty faithful to the concepts. Good luck with the test.

    EDIT: actually. The white on the books stands out alot. I'd make it a colour rather than white or gray.
  • gilesruscoe
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    gilesruscoe polycounter lvl 7
    Yea, i can agree with you on the rope, will fix. the textures in Runescape seem to be very basic, often just some kind of noise, i checked out there trolls in game at the moment, and there isn't any texture varation on the whole model, just a speckled noise over it.
    As for the books, they actually use the same colour for the pages on their current ingame bookcases:
  • Stinger88
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    Stinger88 polycounter
    Not the pages. The 3 spines on the books in the middle of the bottom 3 shelves. They stick out a bit.

  • Surfa
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    Surfa polycounter lvl 11
    Can we see the textures for the book-case and troll? At the moment they look very cloudy and could do with a bit more sharpness especially on the books.
  • gilesruscoe
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    gilesruscoe polycounter lvl 7
    Ah sorry stinger, i get you now, i'll give them a different colour tommorow and update pics, thanks.

    Surfa, im on my laptop atm so i can't get the textures, i'll post them up for you tommorow though. From what i've seen running around the game, cloudy textures seems to be part of the style, i guess they can be used on tons of different objects making it very modular. At risk of sounding like an asshole trying to defend their own work, i think it may be part of the games style. I'll see if i can gather some print screens of what i mean. Looking at the wood texture though, i think i need to sharpen that up a bit.
  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 9
    What stinger is telling you, otherwise I have a feeling you have a good chance at working at Jagex! Good luck and keep me updated.
  • seth.
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    seth. polycounter lvl 10
    I think that you've done a particularly good job man, digging the staff the most, nothing to add on whats been said crit wise so fingers crossed for you :)
  • Surfa
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    Surfa polycounter lvl 11
    I guess without nothing the actual complete spec of the art-test it might be wrong to remove the cloudiness (if they want to emulate their style in the models). Yet surely you can see that from an employers point of view having someone that can take the same specification and produce something that exceeds the level of quality that you have at the moment then that can only be a good thing.
  • gilesruscoe
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    gilesruscoe polycounter lvl 7
    Ok, suggested tweaks done, heres finals:





    Texture sheets:


    I'm guessing that ingame they have tons of objects sharing the same textures, like wood and the grainy noise.

    Edit: lame just realised the pink dots in the middle of the bookcase from where i had the objects selected.. i'll have to take new printscreens.
  • gibson543
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    gibson543 polycounter lvl 10
    Lol silly blender.. Nice work man me likey that troll good luck man!!!
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