Best 2d Mobile Game engines?

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Thread title should have read: Best 2d Mobile Game engines for beginners?

Been applying for a lot of jobs lately and getting no feedback. It's really bummed me out, so Ive decided to switch gears for a while and try to make a simple 2d game,yet I have zero experience programming. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 2D engine, with a beginner in mind? Digging around I have found these, but cant seem to draw any conclusions due to my lack of knowledge. They claim ease of use, but can you really make anything worth playing as an artist?

Torque2D by Garage Games

Gamemaker by Yo Yo Games

Andengine - Looks like progamming knowledge is a must for this one.

I suppose the big question here is, do I take some time and learn some programming first, or is there a way I can jump right in and start making something worth playing?


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