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Hey, we need a maya scripts thread on this.

I'm gonna start pointing out some cool ones I use:

- GoP - Go from Maya to photoshop - great way to texture your model without having too much exporting and importing.

- UV Ninja - Great tool that adds tons of uv functions many people don't know in Maya and it's all on it's interface, $20 bucks tho.

- detachSeparate - Same thing as in Max, kills history and detach a mesh without leaving history and group trash, it simply duplicates the mesh and deletes the inverted faces. (i think)

- FB combine - (from Chris Whitaker aka Funky Bunnies) - this is a simple script, but a life safer. It's a toggle for combining and separate meshes without losing pivots AND without leaving trash/history/groups.
http://www.funkybunnies3d.com/tools.php - FBcombine

- cgx_wornEdges - It creates some worn edges (cavity) on the vertex colors in maya, and you can bake that to texture later and create masks, etc. Pretty handy.

- Nmap Based baking AO - I don't use this as much, but I thought it could be useful for some people.

- spPaint 3d - I use this guy all the time, paint meshes everywhere, random scale, rotation, and other settings by instancing, or just duplicating. Extremely useful for env. artists out there.

- Batch change attributes - The name says it all

- fRay Boolean Master - Had to use this once, it lets u keep boolean many objects without loseing history.


If you have HANDY scripts that you use on your daily basis, please share! I'll be updating the list here too.


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