This is my version of Tj combo from killer instinct im basically gonna cyborg him up, This was for the brawl comp now ill finish it in here, heres latest



  • TorQue[MoD]
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    TorQue[MoD] polycounter lvl 14
    Looking great man! Really love the way that you sortof wove the shoulder into his chest. Make sure you add lots of support at the back and he'd have to have some spine reinforcement plates too to compensate for the extra weight. Also something to consider is that his left pectorals and latissimus dorsi would most likely be a bit larger than the right side because he would've had to strengthen them a lot more to be able to use the arm.

    Maybe for fun, you should make his right leg cybernetic too?

    Oh, and the nipple placement looks a little better (funny thing is the original placement was more technically accurate, but didn't look as good) but his areolae are too 3D. They're just part of the skin so they shouldn't be quite so... tactile?

    And I think you said you were thinking of adding some rib reinforcements too... that's definitely a good idea.

    Oh, and I just realized I don't like the plate you added to the biceps. It makes it look like a nerf football. I think it looked better when it was just the striations in the biceps.
  • cmcisaac
    Torque: the back deff gonna need some crazy hard surface, i can make his muscles bigger but i have like 30 subtool so id have to move them all too so ill have to wait till i merge more of it. The legs gonna have some cyber stuff going on aswell, im also thinking of adding a gun that like pops out of his armor plate on his hand or something like that, ur dead right on the bicep i hate it now gotta fix it asap.

    Next update im gonna have more stuff coming from the neck plus a base for the eye and gonna fix that bicep
  • TorQue[MoD]
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    TorQue[MoD] polycounter lvl 14
    Sweet! Can't wait to see it! Yeah that would be cool to have a gun that pops out of the back of his hand... maybe actually just make the whole face plate there pop up and he's got like a mini SAM with 3-4 rockets hidden under there?

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