SOE, is all the hate misplaced?

So, since most people don't read a whole post I'll say this up front, im posting this for discussion purpose to just see how industry people or striving industry people feel about the situation

Yes, SOE should have spoke up as soon as the attacks happened, however, I wouldn't want to tell millions of people your shit's been jacked; regardless they should have said something.

I understand they screwed up there, but unless there is information I don't have, why is everyone mad at SOE for this happening? It's not like SOE hacked themselves; someone else hacked SOE and is attacking them in a more severe way than just stealing information; they are potentially ruining them as a company.

Don't get me wrong, I know most people are stupid and I totally understand that people are just going to blame them, but I'm personally irritated that SOE is getting so much hate because of someone elses's scary to think that any company can be hurt so severely just by a handful of people wanting to screw with them. Maybe I'm missing some information; maybe SOE had some serious open points that should have been taken care of and they didnt, i don't know. I just know they are trying to make fun games and do what we all love to do and it's frustrating to see this happen to them, especially with all the layoffs they just had.

I guess as a secondary discussion point, do you think this is going to ruin SOE completely eventually? I hope not :(


  • acc
    Eh, Sony has been a whipping boy since the PS3 launch. They get linched for even the tinest of things - even made up things - so when the 'thing' is not tiny it goes from "Sony is horrible blah blah blah" to "Sony should DIE WORST ANYTHING EVAR!!!!!"

    Life in the games industry.

    SOE in particular has been slowly fading into obscurity for years. A scandal that erodes their existing fanbase diminishes the only asset they have. I guess Free Realms is pretty successful but can it really carry the entire division? The Agency was cancelled, Everquest has become largely irrelevant... I don't think SOE has a future in general.
  • Cojax
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    I miss the Planet Side / SW: Galaxy days. They had a good thing going but SOE has been on a down ward spiral for a few years now. The hacking doesn't help and further reduces the current customer base due to distrust. After seeing that apology video and admitting to a known security vulnerability I completely lost trust in them as a customer (I know that video was in regards to the PSN attack not SOE, but they all fall under same roof).

    Sony is huge though and they will bounce back and I'm sure they have learned there lessons in security (recruit cyber ninjas to defend teh servorz).
  • crazyfingers
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    Got my start here, some of my best friends work here, hope they pull through.
  • [SF]Three9
    me too Crazy fingers...well, the last part, I'm still not in the industry (although hopefully i find out tomorrow! :x)

    uggghhh Cojax All SOE needs is Planetside 2 to come out and they'll bounce back...Planetside is the *only* real massive multiplayer game I've ever played...It just sucks that the only time I played it was when my computer wasn't capable of handling it lol

    I suppose I see where you're coming from acc....I mean I suppose as long as it's not currently affecting me I can be more sympathetic...if my account was drawing negative due to this I'd probably be on the opposite side of the fence...regardless seeing any company be damaged and possibly taken down is never good, so I hope they are able to bounce back, readdress their security issues and come back stronger
  • notman
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    People are pissed that they can't play their games, or use their online features. It doesn't matter if it's Sony, MS, or JoesDirtShack. It's their entertainment investment, and they can't utilize it.

    Sony will eventually straighten this shit out, then everyone will move onto something new, and forget about this... well, maybe until the next console war.
  • slipsius
    xbox users would be even more pissed if it happened to them... they actually have to pay for online. lol
  • [HP]
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  • dregoloth
    I'm sure they'll pull through. They were pretty lazy with security from what I read, but it's the damn hacker's fault the network is down, so they should only take a small portion of the blame.
  • TomDunne
    notman wrote: »
    People are pissed that they can't play their games, or use their online features. It doesn't matter if it's Sony, MS, or JoesDirtShack. It's their entertainment investment, and they can't utilize it.

    This. I watch a ton of baseball and I bought the $120 MLB.TV package specifically to watch it on my TV via my PS3. Two weeks without the PSN means two weeks of my subscription are lost as well. Considering I'm trying to push the video from my PS3 to a Bravia, I've got nothing against Sony in general, but their shitty handling of this situation has me upset.
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