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I have a BFA in Game Design and wanted to continue working on my portfolio, but I need to obtain licenses for the software I was using in school, and I wanted to know the best way of going about and doing that. I was hoping to get licenses for 3Ds Max, Maya, Mud Box, ZBrush and Body Paint. I was checking out prices on JournyEd.com but you need to show proof of being a full time student. I was considering taking an online class from the Rydan school but I am not sure one class would help qualify me as a student and grant me academic license prices on the software I need. Please advise me on what I should do to get the software I want. Thank you.


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    I know if your a full time student you can get a 3 year student license for 3ds Max. Might be worth taking a quick online class especially one you are interested in. Cheaper then an actual license. Also they release a new version every year. I currently have the 2011 license and I could in theory download 2012 before I graduate for a total of 6 years.
  • Zander85
    Thank you for the help =)
  • iamtheparagon
    Yea, if you go to Autodesk.com, you can actually just use your school email to sign up, and they will allow you to download all autodesk products. I'm not even at the school I'm using my school email for and the school still has it set up, so I'm good. :) I am in school but at a different one now. No sense in changing if it still works. As for zBrush and Bodypaint ; that's a different story. You're going to have to find those as cheap as possible. I'm sure you can find them somewhere cheap. :/
  • GeeDave
    There are of course other options to consider, that being different software entirely. Silo... an excellently intuitive modelling package, very cheap. Sculptris... a sculpting app in a league of it's own, and it's free! Gimpshop is a great alternative to Photoshop too.
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    Hi Zander, I brought the full Autodesk educational suite for £105 from the escape studios website, It doesnt run out but it's only available in the EU on this site (not sure where your from) but i'm sure you could find it elsewhere if you're not, anyways you can find it here
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    Hi Zander,
    I have used Body Paint for some years and I just recently switched over to 3D Coat which is as just as good. Body Paint around $900 and 3D Coat around $349. I also use it for a scultping tool but that is not as good as zBrush. Download the trial and see what works. They also have a hobby version that is only $99 but that is limited to 8 layers instead of unlimited.

    Good Luck
  • DarkHalo003
    Keep in mind, by downloading the Student version of 3ds Max for free on Autodesk's website, you can only BUILD your portfolio. What I mean is, you CANNOT USE THE ASSETS YOU'VE CREATED FOR PROFIT until you've purchased a commercial version of the product. Just thought I would remind or inform anyone who forgot or simply didn't know.
    HI there i dont know if ya will see this or not but ill put it up anyway for anyone else. Ya can use Blender a free open source 3d tool. or spend a thousand dollars and get MODO 601 i got it and its one of the best i have used.
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