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Hey guys!

Having worked on that modular building environment, I really wanted to work on another building type, but I didn't want to restrict myself to the exterior of a building.

So, I took on the challenge of doing the interior and exterior of a building, and decided on making a traditional, American farmhouse scene. I blocked out the scene in its entirety first, and I've just started texturing/detailing things a little more.

The porch is done in terms of basic texturing, as is the exterior of the main house and roof tiles. I have a lot more trims and other little details to add to the exterior, but it's getting there.

Anyway, I'm looking for really harsh feedback. Seriously, even if you think it's something ridiculous and not worth mentioning; mention it! Something about the scene just isn't popping at the minute. I think a great deal of that is due to the lack of detail, but I want to iron out any big issues before I get into the nitty gritty detail.

Let me know what you think guys.


Here's a couple of shots of the interior layout.




  • Alberto Rdrgz
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    Alberto Rdrgz polycounter lvl 8
    I like what u got so far, are you only doing the inside or a little bit of both? (in and out)
  • Contrails
    Is there a chimney? Seems like one would go well in the middle of the left (looking from the front) wall :)
  • Daniel Doerksen
    this is looking great, i like the rustic look. you roof lines need work imo, the texture reads a bit wavey unless that what u want. and the ridge line doesn't represent age, it should sag in the middle not the opposite. and the porch roof should be flat imo.

  • polygonfreak
    The lattice work on the bottom part of the porch seems to be too big. Here is a good example of what I am talking about with the lattice.oh_1.jpg
  • darthwilson
    Looking good mate! Because it's a light coloured wood you should out some damage or dirt onto it.. Should help it look more personal/individual... At the moment it's great, maybe too perfect if that makes sense
  • Samfisher84
    PogoP wrote: »
    I blocked out the scene in its entirety first

    When you say blocked out! what exactly do you mean by that? Like build the entire house as quick as possible or uv it as well. Very nice houses by the way
  • feanix
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    feanix polycounter lvl 7
    This is looking awesome! How did you avoid lightmass seams?
  • PogoP
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    PogoP polycounter lvl 8
    Alberto: I'm doing both the inside and the outside.

    Contrails: Chimney is a good idea! I hadn't planned for one but it will add to the silhouette.

    Daniel: Doh! That makes so much more sense. Don't know why I made it go up in the middle *bangs head on table*

    Polygon: Good idea. I've increased the size of the lattice now.

    Scott: Yeah I am going to add some more grunge I think. Might make a material shader or something.

    Samfisher84: I just modelled the entire house in Max using the grid system, not worrying about UVs. When it was all modelled, I went back in and unwrapped stuff when I'd finished adding detail. No point unwrapping if you're just gonna have to re-do it further down the line.

    Pieter: I avoided lightmass seams on the main bit of the house by exporting the exterior walls as one static mesh. I could have exported each side as its own static mesh, but just decided to stick it all in one. The beams and other models are separate though.

    Here's an update:


    I'm getting a little bored of doing all this environment stuff (tiling texture maps, damn you!), and I want to work on something a little more unique. So I'm going to work on some props for this scene, and have a completely unique UV map. It's about time!
  • fanaya2001
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    fanaya2001 polycounter lvl 6
    it is looking great :D.
  • PogoP
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    PogoP polycounter lvl 8
    Thank you!

    Progress has been a bit slow recently, been sorting out my last bit of uni work and doing various other things.

    I've worked a little more on the exterior. I want to block all basic textures in all the rooms first, and get things like the stairs and door frames in inside. Then I can detail each room, and work on the exterior.


    Here's a closer shot of the porch area as it is at the moment.


    And here's the beginnings of a wallpaper texture I've started making for the living room.

  • sltrOlsson
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    sltrOlsson polycounter lvl 8
    Awesome! I missed this project completly.. Looks realy nice so far, love that you'r doing both in and out side.. Looking forward for more updates :)
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