[STAGE] Super Smash Bros. Melee - Hyrule Temple, NoChance

Change of plans doing Street Fighter Chun Li's Stage in a blade runner style. Neon lights, raining, skyscrapers in background, futuristic feel, and film noir or neo noir mood.


  • Chandler
    Hey man, if you got the time and dedication, I think you can do it. It sounds like a lot of work, but look at the kind of stuff people have come up with so far in just a few weeks... Make sure to keep things modular, having pieces you can just clone and scale around will be a huge time saver. I'd normally say go with hand painted to match the whimsical concept, but that does tend to take quite a bit more time than photosourcing. Good luck.
  • NoChance
    Alright I was going to do Hyrule Temple and make it a steampunk floating island, HOWEVER, after looking at the contest guidelines and seeing how massive of an environment it would be it doesn't seem it would fit the spirit of the contest since it would be a full environment not a fighter environment.

    So after scouring the internet for fighter stages for inspiration, not easy btw, really hard to find pictures of fighter stages. I saw this street fighter stage and thought it would be perfect for a bladerunner twist. So for now this is what I'm doing

  • onelunglewis
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    can't wait.
  • NoChance
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