Alien Crash - WIP

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So I am starting a scene. I have always liked sci-fi stuff, but I wanted to mix this with some modern day assets in a level.Maybe make it more realistic then the typical sci-fi tech stuff. I am pretty inspired by Crysis .

I drew up a concept for the main focus of the level. ( first concept with a tablet btw, let me know what you think :) )


This is the back of the alien... maybe it crashed and left the sack or whatever it is behind so the larvae can hatch and spawn more infected... so in game this could be a spawn for larvae. I want it to be the main focus for the level.

I want this to be inside of some area of importance... maybe a lab or warehouse or safehouse or the middle of the street... something that would effect the opposing side. I have a few ideas for this ( i'll probably draw concepts when I get time )



I can't find any other references that I am picturing, i'll probably draw a layout tomorrow ( 1:33 here and gotta work in like 6 hrs :p )

Any ideas or suggestions would be great... i'll have some 3d stuff soon as well, criticism is always welcome for anything. Only crits you can give is concept and ideas.
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