Old School VFX, better?

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Hey, I've been on a classic horror movie stint lately (The thing, Romero's _ of the dead movies, Etc)
and I've noticed that that kind of real effects work doesn't exist anymore.
it seems like CG has some things it can do better than real life, and/or things you cant do in real life, but what about the gore that used to gross people out so bad, and still to this day looks better than most 'medocre' CG now a days.


  • ZacD
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    ZacD interpolator
    I think vfx is one of those things that needs to balance whats cg and what they do in real life with tricks, some of the better vfx I've seen lately is doing as much as possible with real effects, and only using cg to improve what already exists.
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    flaagan polycounter lvl 12
    If you want to see something trippy, go watch the 'behind the scenes' footage for Top Gun.
  • BadgerBaiter
    Awesome film Top Gun :D

    Anywho, being completely honest, I adore old school effects, maybe because virtually every film in my top 10 list is from that era.
    I have a huge dislike of CG blood as I think it looks rubbish - I have still to pinpoint why exactly. It has looked pretty ok on a couple of situations, but on the whole, rubbish.
    Certainly physical effects have their limitations, thinking straight away of water and scale models, it just can't be done to a sufficient detail and look good.
    The Thing is one of my all time favourite films and thinking of that done with CG just... makes me so depressed :( Just because it could be done better... doesn't mean it should be done... you end up losing human interaction with CG effects.... no matter how many sticks with balls on you wave around to represent a big scary monster on a green screen :p
    Apologies for rambling - this subject makes me feel a bit sad lol.
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