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Syntactical changes? max 6 to max 2011

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RezNik triangle
I'm taking max to the next level and am watching a tut on max script.

to cut to the chase....
So, the instructor put this line into the listener.... which works for him(using Max 6):

addModifier (box height: 100.0 length: 10.0 heightSegs: 15)(bend bendAngel 90)

What is the current correct way to type this?

I get this error (Using Max 2011):
-- Argument count error: modifier create wanted 0, got 2

Im guessing there probably have been a few syntactical changes since Max 6.
Also not to be picky but, if anybody puts up a sample of what this needs to be in Max 2011 please keep it as close to the supplied example as possible.... Im still learning this stuff (baby steps). As I know there are many different ways to do a single thing.

Thank you



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